Q 1 Are the garments always embroidered on the Isle of Man ?
Answer – YES – if you look at the photos in ‘about us’ you can see some of the 21 heads of embroidery we operate on the promenade.

Q 2  Will my garments be embroidered to order, or off the peg?
Answer – Each order is embroidered to the customers’ requirements form the large stock of blank schoolwear garments we keep the promenade.

Q 3 Will I have to wait a long time for my order?
Answer – No – ordered are normally turned round in a matter of days, and you will be contacted by phone, text or email to say your order is ready to collect – If you have selected DELIVER, your order will be dispatched via IOM POST.

Q 4 What happens if a blank item is out of stock when I place my order?
Answer – if the delivery date is more than 7 days from the manufacturer, then we will either contact you by telephone or email.

Q 5 What happens if my garment is faulty?
Answer – in the unlikely event that there is a defect in any item purchased, then the item will be replaced free of charge by Promenade Shirts & Embroidery Ltd, and we will then take it up with the manufacturer afterwards.

Q 6  Is it possible for me to buy schoolwear elsewhere and have it embroidered?
Answer – yes -  the cost to embroider garments brought into the shop, with the school logo of your choice is £5 per logo.

Q 7  Does your purchase help sustain the Manx economy?
Answer – Yes – Promenade Shirts & Embroidery Ltd employ 13 staff on the island – all’ Manx workers’

Q 8  Can I try on the garments for size?
Yes – Our shop on the promenade is open from 8.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am – 4pm each Saturday  (special limited Sunday opening in August prior to the ‘back to school rush’)